Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Find of the Day! Stunning Handmade Goth and Victorian Armwarmers

I know it is the wrong time of year to be hunting for something to warm your arms, but as I sit inside during a Virginia thunderstorm, warm clothes actually sound appropriate. I haven't worn armwarmers since they were red-and-black striped and sold at Hot Topic for ten dollars in high school, and I haven't thought about wearing any since. The Etsy store, "Zen and Coffee," however, has really made me reconsider the armwarmer. This blue and black lacey pair is a really special piece - and not something you would find on the accessory rack at Hot Topic:


Can armwarmers make a comeback? These are fantastic! The interesting thing about Zen and Coffee is that half of their almost 300 armwarmers are lacey, Victorian and make me feel like holding a parasol and going for a stroll in a garden while eating tea sandwiches with the crust cut off. Here is the link:

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