Sunday, July 10, 2011

Find of the Day! Art of Adornment Lace Chokers and Necklaces

Art of Adornment Lace Chokers and Necklaces

Today's find is the website Art of Adornment, based in Vancouver, that features a wide selection of gorgeous chokers, necklaces and bracelets, among more exciting finery. The chokers are really nice pieces, and for a small price tag - check out the "Absinthe Venezia Lace Choker" for $40:

You can also custom-order their pieces to be longer/shorter, tighter, etc. Their cameo necklaces are neat, too, like this "Madame Muerte" necklace/brooch:

Don't miss their skull cameos - some are currently on sale right now for $14! We all need more Victorian-style skull cameos in our lives, I think. 

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