Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shopping Around: The Bullet Belt

Finding the right bullet belt can be difficult, unfortunately, as it is an essential component of any metal wardrobe. Here is a thorough side-by-side comparison of where to find, on the web and in stores, the right bullet belt for you - which is of course a super serious and important decision we all must make.

Best Variety:
Vamps and Tramps offers a startling selection of 20+ bullet belts, including bullet bracelets and belts of various colors:

Best Price:
Although many of the cheapter, non-authentic bullet belts can be found in costume stores, I bought this same
belt years ago and it does not look as cheesy as some other Halloween look-alikes. At this costume site it is only $16 - a steal compared to the 70-100 price tags at Vamps and Tramps!

For a more understated belt, check out the bullet buckles at A Well Dressed Bullet on Etsy, which run for about $20 and come in a variety of calibers:

More awesome ammunition can be found at A Well Dressed Bullet, including bullet necklaces, keychains, and my personal favorite, the bullet pen! And, of course, I have to include the bullet ice tray, available at Amazon and Urban Outfitters:


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