Friday, August 5, 2011

Finds of the Day: Blood and Guts

Shopping Around: Gas Masks

Unfortunately, your headgear cannot be as badass as the flame thrower masks worn by Rammstein during their live performances of "Feuer Frei." But what follows is a selection of, shall I call them, fashion gas masks? There is one for everybody, so take your pick!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Find of the Day! Metal yet Elegant Leather Arm Cuffs

Love at First Blush offers a selection of artfully cut leather cuffs that I am strangely drawn to - they would really add a touch of metal elegance to a standards jeans-and-band-tee ensemble. The longer "Bird in Flight" cuff is like a corset for your arm - and (on the right) is a "Feather" necklace also fashioned from leather.

Leather Love Cuff- Lace Leather Bracelet - Bird in Flight Silhouette in Black   Black Feather Necklace - Black Leather and Gunmetal Chain