Friday, August 5, 2011

Shopping Around: Gas Masks

Unfortunately, your headgear cannot be as badass as the flame thrower masks worn by Rammstein during their live performances of "Feuer Frei." But what follows is a selection of, shall I call them, fashion gas masks? There is one for everybody, so take your pick!

Hello Kitty Gas Mask (LEDs Optional)

There is, of course, the spiked LED-lighted Hello Kitty gas mask: Cyb3rburn, $35

Black Cyber Mask Cyber Goth Respirator Gas Mask MONSTER Spikes

And the very, very spiked Goth mask: Zhos, $60

Gas mask No.43 in red leather steampunk

There are heavy duty, steampunk red leather masks - is it ok that this one remind me a bit of Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Tom Banwell, $350

Made to order Swarovski Covered Gas Mask

A Swarovski crystal gas mask! The Bitchy Kitschy, $850

Fully Functional Apocalyptic, Futuristic Full Face Survival Gas Mask with Filter - A BURNING MAN Must Have
And, lastly, a fully functioning real gas mask...for you know, the REAL apocalypse. It can't hurt to be prepared! Jade Minx, $39

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